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Yoga Gentle Flow is tailored to you, the student and what is best for you. Through gradual progressions of movement allowing you to build up your practise safely, and learn any modifications and variations which are best for you. The class has a strong focus on mindful meditative movement to suit your body. No stress on wrists, knees, and shoulders, allowing you to move freely within your range of movement and slowly build up your mobility, strength, and balance at your own pace.
Yoga Fun Flow is inclusive and accessible to all ages and shapes, using props, modifications and progressions of movement suited to your pace and body on any given day as required. Less is more, allowing you to tune into what your body and mind needs, to relax and move more freely. Free your body and mind up and move towards the posture you want to have safely, while creating new neurological pathways and healthy habits.

Who can benefit?

EVERYBODY! Yoga is for Every Body ………. If You Can Breath YOU can do yoga.
Yoga can help with any of the following:

  • pain management,
  • tiredness, depression,
  • a busy mind or being overactive
  • poor posture,
  • lack of sleep,
  • lack of mobility,  etc.

Reap the benefits and help reduce pain, stress, tension, and improve sleep, focus, balance, mobility, flexibility and strength and much more!
Yoga is the connection of the mind, body, heart and soul via the breath. Through movement connected with breath we learn to free the body, quieten the mind and move into the posture we want to have. We learn skills on how to rest, align, focus and relax on and off the mat. To take time out for the most important person, oneself in order to build strength, flexibility, balance and most important peace of mind and heart mindfully. Creating new neurological pathways of good habits and new grey matter. Learning and knowing how to relax your mind, body heart and soul on and off the mat.

What to expect for your first class?

• Friendly personal warm environment
• Begin and end each class with mindful relaxation and breathing techniques to calm and benefit your whole person mind body heart and spirit.
• Regain your Strength, Flexibility, Feel Relaxed, Renewed and Restored. Through gradual progressions of movement allowing you to build up your practise safely.
• Learn skills and techniques that will enhance your everyday life.
• Feel Good and relaxed by the end of the class and ready to enjoy your life.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next class!

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The YOUnique Experience

Hear from some of our valued friends and clients!

“I liked the balance and the way everything was explained. The guidance was fantastic!”

Founder, The Meditation Project

Riordan King

“Very simple, but hugely powerful techniques to help with everyday life. Thank you!”

Alexandra Nicholas

“This was my first mindfulness workshop, and I loved it! The way Diana conveyed her messages really resonated with many aspects of my life. After having attended this workshop, I believe that mindfulness is the key to achieving balance, appreciation in life and overall happiness. Definitely one of the best things you can do for yourself, please give this a go!”

Liz Pham