YOUnique has a Counselling service in Woodville South that collaborates with our allied practitioners to ensure holistic care for all our clientele. This is initially provided through our Complimentary Wellness consult. Our Wellness Care Coordinator and resident counsellor meets you to ensure your health concerns and goals are heard and incorporated into your tailored health plan.

With over 10 years of experience in the mental health sector and a Masters in counselling, our experienced counsellor has a special interest in addressing chronic pain and psychological issues. If you are suffering from the intense stress associated with a chronic pain condition, or are just looking for a warm accepting space to receive help with life’s unexpected challenges, we are here for you!

Who can benefit?

Counselling can be for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or debilitated by any kind of lifestyle dilemma, change or health struggle. This can include:

  • Chronic pain and illness
  • Grief and loss, trauma
  • Family and relationship struggles
  • Mental health and psychological problems
  • Spiritual/ lifestyle dilemmas
  • Sexuality issues
  • Cultural/ minority groups
  • Drug and alcohol dependencies amongst others

What to expect in your first and subsequent sessions?

The wellness consult is designed to be a casual introductory chat where we take the time to listen to your wants and needs. Essentially, at YOUnique, we care about YOU! We want to get to know the person beyond the health challenges. You then move into the initial counseling session based upon your mental health needs. Our counselor will take the time to hear your story and utilise a wide array of therapeutic techniques to assist you in overcoming your struggles.

In subsequent sessions, she will continue to work with you one-on-one using a tailored eclectic approach to help improve your mental skills and emotional regulation abilities. These will help you take key steps of personal growth to overcome challenges and lifestyle obstacles. There is no set time frame for this process and we will continue to work with you based upon the needs of the individual YOUnique client.


*Counselling service presently does not operate in conjunction with Medicare Plans. However, we can support some NDIS plans and  Private Health rebates are available for clients who have: Medibank Private, Police Health Fund, Bupa and AHM

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The YOUnique Experience

Hear from some of our valued friends and clients!

“I liked the balance and the way everything was explained. The guidance was fantastic!”

Founder, The Meditation Project

Riordan King

“Very simple, but hugely powerful techniques to help with everyday life. Thank you!”

Alexandra Nicholas

“This was my first mindfulness workshop, and I loved it! The way Diana conveyed her messages really resonated with many aspects of my life. After having attended this workshop, I believe that mindfulness is the key to achieving balance, appreciation in life and overall happiness. Definitely one of the best things you can do for yourself, please give this a go!”

Liz Pham