YOUnique @ Enlighten Adelaide Festival

By: Diana Bordean

August 1, 2018

One of the best Wellness Festivals of Adelaide, Enlighten Adelaide, runs every year with a wonderful showcase of Adelaide’s most talented and prestigious businesses making a real difference in the community.

The YOUnique Team took central position as they set sail for the Wellness Stand at the Convention Centre.

Made up of each area of health, they were sure to impress! As a community of Health and Wellness, YOUnique prides itself on holistic approach to health, through various means:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Remedial and relaxation massage
  • Nutrition
  • Dry needling and Cupping
  • Yoga and Pilates classes
  • Counselling
  • Mindfulness and stress reduction

Customers absolutely loved the atmosphere, chatting about their health, getting tips and advice and booking in with our team for therapy sessions and group classes. It sure was one BUZZING stand, gathering people all throughout the day, with over a hundred entering the Major Raffle Prize!

People enjoyed free ‘come-and-try’ classes, and had a lot of fun learning about their bodies:

  • Pilates Class : stretch, strenghten and tone; core and posture; flexibility
  • High Performance Kinetic Bands class: resistance training easy and fun to use anytime, anywhere; firm glutes and thighs effectively; feel the burn and tone your body

people doing yoga

These classes are also available via our “classes” page.

Of course, where would we all be without the amazing sponsors who donated yummy food and gifts into the Raffle Basket? A special mention to Goodies and Grains, Goodlife Cross Roads, YOUnique Physio, Amasha Fitness, The Good Health Coach and Healing with Dean for their fabulous contributions.

goodie bag
Raffle Hamper

Thank you to all the people who shared the weekend with us, customers, organizers and fellow exhibitors!

Upcoming Classes

Yoga Fun Flow


Yoga Gentle Flow


YOUnique Meditation Course


Xpress Stretch & Strengthen


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The YOUnique Experience

Hear from some of our valued friends and clients!

“I liked the balance and the way everything was explained. The guidance was fantastic!”

Founder, The Meditation Project

Riordan King

“Very simple, but hugely powerful techniques to help with everyday life. Thank you!”

Alexandra Nicholas

“This was my first mindfulness workshop, and I loved it! The way Diana conveyed her messages really resonated with many aspects of my life. After having attended this workshop, I believe that mindfulness is the key to achieving balance, appreciation in life and overall happiness. Definitely one of the best things you can do for yourself, please give this a go!”

Liz Pham