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Neck Pain – Can Physio help?

By: Maurice Fearenside

June 1, 2019

Neck pain seems to be quite common among most people these days. This is on the rise because of ‘Tech Neck’. Tech Neck or Text Neck occurs due to constant pressure on the neck and shoulders that happens when craning you head down or forward to look at screens like smartphones, tablets or computers for long periods of time.

If left untreated, neck pain can cause disturbances in sleep, cause headaches and affect daily functioning.

Who it can benefit?

Physiotherapy can help relieve your symptoms if you suffer from any of the following :

  • Localised neck aches
  • Sharp, painful twinges on neck movement 
  • Generalised stiffness and tightness of the neck 
  • Referred headaches usually felt more to one side of the head
  • Neural pain that can radiate down from the neck into the arm including numbness and pins and needles

How can physio help with relieving neck pain?

During your session, your physio will do some physical testing and assessment to get your baseline as well as to help understand your condition. Often neck pain is attributed to tight, overused neck muscles and/or stiff spinal neck joints. Occasionally, this can also affect the integrity of the cervical nerves that come out the spinal neck joints causing referred pain. Deep tissue massage, dry needling and spinal joint mobilisations can help manually release these. Nerves can also be stretched and mobilised gently to decrease referred pain.  You will also likely be taught some home management techniques such as stretches and exercises for long-term relief

How does this help?

By releasing tightness or stiffness around this area patients will often feel less pain as well as increased ease and/or range of movement. It is then usually easier to be able to stretch the affected muscles at home as well as often strengthening underused muscles to decrease the overuse of the surrounding neck muscles to reduce recurring pain and tightness in that area especially long-term. 

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