How to stay healthy during isolation

By: Karthika Nair

July 3, 2020

Isolation can be hard, and staying healthy during these prolonged periods indoors seems impossible. Fear not, there are a few tips and tricks you can do to ensure you beat the isolation blues and stay on top of your health:

1. Stay Active (sorry, walking to the fridge doesn’t count!)

Make sure you are staying active! It is recommended that we exercise at least 30 minutes a day to promote maximum heart health. This exercise can be a simple walk around the neighbourhood, no gym machines required. To ensure you are meeting your minutes, set a timer and create a routine. Creating a routine creates a lifelong habit; you can continue to do once the effects of Covid-19 are in the past.

 2. Get cooking

2 people cooking healthy

Don’t be tempted by delivery services, remember although Uber Eats is convenient it is also overpriced and leaves a mark on the bank account. Healthy meals are achievable, even when motivation is diminishing by the day. A cooked chicken can be stretched across three days and frozen vegetables are just as good as fresh. Always cook up a large portion of food and freeze it for rainy days. Meal prep is extremely useful. Always make sure regardless of what you cook there is a nice palm-size portion of protein (fish, eggs, chicken, meat, tofu, beans), some fresh vegetables and a small portion of carbohydrates (pasta, rice, potatoes etc). Our dietitian can also help create a meal plan best suited to your goals and lifestyle.

3. Drink Up!

man drinking water

Make sure you are staying hydrated. Just because we are less active does not mean that our bodies don’t need water. Many people say ‘The more I drink, the more I’m running off to the toilet’. The toilet will become a familiar friend if we sit there and gulp a bottle of water in one sitting. Sipping small amounts of water is all you need to meet your daily requirements. If your urine is a nice clear yellow you are perfectly hydrated, don’t feel the need to aim for clear.

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