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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Eating Healthy

By: Karthika Nair

August 10, 2019

Eating a healthy and balanced diet is something we all try to do. However, don’t you hate the feeling when you think you are eating healthy only to realise later that your eating habits may not be as ‘healthy’ after all? Here are 5 common mistakes people make when eating healthy:

  • All or nothing mindset

When it comes to making any lifestyle changes having an “all or nothing” mindset can set you up for failure down the track. Certainly having a high level of motivation is positive and indeed important when making dietary changes. However, going “all in” can lead to feelings of deprivation and eventually you may give up altogether. Instead, allow yourself the occasional indulgence which will keep you on track as social events, holidays and birthdays will no longer signal the end of your “diet”. 

  • Lack of preparation 

meal prep

Unfortunately, not all of us are avid cooks but it is a necessary step toward living a healthy lifestyle. Food shopping, meal preparation and planning each week will prevent you from getting caught having to buy food out at a cafe or fast food restaurant. Of course, life happens and you may have no time to prepare a meal however if you are prepared then this will occur less often. Choose one day of the week for meal planning, one for food shopping and one or two for meal preparation. Focusing on building these habits is what defines a dietary change as a “lifestyle” change as opposed to a short term crash diet. 

  • Only having a short term goal

Do you know why eating healthy is important to you? Not sure why but you know you should make some improvements to your diet? If you do not have a long term motivator then you will fall back into old eating habits quickly. A long term motivator may be “I want to eat healthy to improve my energy levels so that I can keep up with the kids” or “Healthy eating improves my mental wellbeing”. These are motivators that require you to make healthy eating a long term habit. If your only motivator is “To lose 10kg in 6 months” this may get you to your goal but you will also need a more long term motivator to maintain your goal.

  • Eating more than you need because “it’s healthy” 

Eating healthy but more portions than recommended. Eg: having too much salad

Ever overeaten because “it’s healthy so I can eat as much as I want?” You’re not alone. Food companies like to play on this by using marketing terms such as “sugar-free” or “diet” knowing you will feel comfortable eating more than you would if it were the full-sugar, full-fat version. Overeating is not beneficial to our health no matter which food it is. Feeling uncomfortably full on a regular basis can cause digestive issues and ever-expanding portions in order to achieve the same feeling of fullness. Eating mindfully can help to prevent overeating. Remove distractions such as the TV, your phone or computer and pay attention to each mouthful. 

  • Not considering drink choices

soft drink

Your drink choices can be what is holding you back from achieving your health goals despite your efforts in preparing healthy meals. If you are drinking four lattes a day that could equate to an entire meal’s worth of kilojoules alone. Be mindful of your alcohol intake as well. Even if you do not feel you drink very often your one day per week indulgence can be slowing your progress down greatly.

Whether you are at the beginning of your healthy eating journey or a pro who needs to track their progress, we at YOUnique believe in tailoring our treatment to suiting your needs. For more individualised diet solutions, click to book your Initial Diet Assessment here!


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