Corporate Massage

We all know the usual benefits of a massage (feel relaxed, reduces stress etc.), but did you know that corporate massage is linked with higher employee productivity? 

A recent study performed by an American Psychologist gave one group of workers a 15 minute rest, and another, a 15 minute massage. The group that received the massage performed significantly better on complicated tasks like math problems and problem solving. Massage also improves creative thinking and relieves fatigue.

In addition, by lowering stress, massage helps eliminate absenteeism, making your team run more efficiently and effectively.  

Stand out benefits: 

  • Perform better on complicated tasks!
  • Improve immune system to fight off colds! (Employees require less sick days)
  • Helps eliminate absenteeism!
  • Improves creative thinking!
  • Relieves fatigue! (Employees have high productive days)
  • Reduce blood pressure!
  • Improves concentration!
  • Reduces Headaches!
  • Provides more energy to reduce afternoon slums! (Better than a cup of coffee)

Here at Younique, we provide corporate massage to help give your team a lift. You will see a significant improvement in productivity, adherence, less sick days and an overall improved moral in the team.

Call us today to start adding some wellness into your workplace!

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