What is Reiki and what is an attunement?

Reiki was formed in Japan in the 1800’s by Dr Usui. His process was an enlightened experience where by he had a Satori experience that gave him the Reiki energy and then later formed attunements for others to be attuned to this wonderful Universal Life Force Energy.

Reiki is an form of energy healing said to connect to Life force Key energy into the clients through the Reiki Healer. The Reiki connects to the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual body. The healing works on all of these levels with clients. Sometimes with a profound result of healing on all levels.
I have personally witnessed myself some amazing healing and even miracles.
Reiki is just as much a healing modality as it is the pathway to enlightenment and supporting your spiritual growth and awareness.
The Reiki attunement is a process in which a Reiki Master teaches the three levels in separate teaching levels.
Reiki 1 is about You, your family, friends, pets and the earth, the food and drinks we consume. This is the first of the three levels in which the Reiki energy is switched on through the attunement process.
Level two is the practitioner level and the first level of symbols. In this level you learn about the symbols and the uses of them in every day life and giving a Reiki healing to amplify the healing energy to the client. You also learn how to send distant healing to clients across the world.
Level three is the Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher level. In recent years I have given my clients a choice of breaking this level up.
Into Reiki master practitioner is where  you receive the last and final attunement and learn the master symbols. This is a full weekend course where  I teach the client how to become a Reiki master teacher, teaching them how to attune others.
Paula Darch
Reiki Master Healer 
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