What a pain in the neck!

Have you ever woken up to a sore neck, noticed a sharp pain when checking your blind spot driving, or gotten through a long work day and your neck just feels way too heavy? Well, you are not alone! Neck and shoulder pain is very common, and fortunately, whilst being rather complicated, can be simple to achieve relief.


What causes neck pain?

The main causes of neck pain are injury and postural issues. Physiotherapists can identify the cause for your neck pain and provide effective, long-term relief. Every person’s head is heavy, as it holds a 1.5 kg brain, and much more, all enclosed in a strong bone casing called the cranium (skull). This heavy head balances on a narrow support made up of bones called the cervical vertebrae. These bones are separated by discs, stabilised by joints, ligaments and moved by the muscles which attach onto them. With so much mobility, the neck can be easily damaged in motor vehicle, sporting, or occupational accidents.

Commonly injured from acceleration and deceleration forces, muscles and joints, can stiffen from this damage, resulting in sharp pain, dull and diffuse aches, and an inability to move your head freely. With many potential causes of neck pain, it’s necessary to identify correctly the causes so to target the right areas with treatment.

How can it get better?

Most commonly we find that cervical joints (facet joints) become stiff, and in turn causes protective muscle spasm, potentially weakness and reinforces poor posture which puts more tension on these muscles. Typically, it’s common to see a quick deterioration of the neck condition as the associated muscles tighten, adjacent joints stiffen and the weight and position of the head perpetuates the pain experience.

Every neck is different, but a combination of muscular release, neural tissue (nerves) mobilisation techniques, strengthening and a postural assessment with exercises are necessary to combat the poor habits.

What else might it be?

There are other conditions that can influence your neck pain, some commonly seen are bone-related injuries such as fractures, disc-related injuries, nerve-related pain which may refer down a limb or into the head, dizziness and vertigo and some chronic systemic conditions.

What can we do about it?

Each human body has this amazing way to reorganise itself to protect, adjust and while that works for a little while, it can be devastating for necks and shoulder related pain. The residual outcome is chronic neck pain, stiffness, headaches, wry neck and a loss of head mobility which can be debilitating.

At YOUnique, we work in a holistic approach to bring efficient, and effective long-term relief. Your physiotherapist is skilled at identifying and treating your neck pain with gentle, movement promoting techniques that along with advice of important stress-related and posture-related factors; together we’ll address the root causes and have you on your way to eliminating your neck pain, and associated stiffness and headaches.

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We look forward to meeting and working with you!

Jon Brill


YOUnique Health and Wellbeing

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