Removing the veil – “Do YOU know who I AM? “

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Some of you may laugh at this statement, thinking it holds no merit intellectually and is silly at best or insane at worst! 

You are God! – Yes, straight to the source of all truth… 

Some of you may choose for whatever reason, to be offended like this is blasphemy or the like and;


Some of you know that this is the truth based on, most likely, the experience of feeling this deep truth, rather than trying to see it or measure it, if you ever thought you did.  

Everything is divine and that is what I am!

You are the I am that I am, you are the creator, this is the mystery, this is the truth that you can never know intellectually.

This can not be intellectually understood or measured, it can only ever be felt from within.

The piece we are after lies beyond personality, behind the sense of identity; the story that we create and is created for us of who we perceive ourselves to be.

All is energy and energy is all; when we are able to begin to perceive that the world, with in and as a result around us, is interconnected and reflective of the energetic signature being projected, we are able to jump back into the driver’s seat of our reality to direct the energetic fields being projected from within our heartfelt intention, re-becoming the “author” of our story, the highest “authority” of our truly “authentic” self.

“To find real peace, you have to let the armour go, your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world.  Don’t let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form, risk being seen in all of your glory.” –                                                     Jim Carrey

We all have our own personal beliefs and perceptions as to what God may or may not be defined as, however at the core truth of it all, all is correct and nothing is wrong as the true source of God is “that”, and is an individual, subjective journey that we all walk alone, finding our own truth from within.

Within the recognition of everything being energy and energy being everything, comes an heightened awareness.  You are the Universe experiencing itself subjectively as an individual expression of its self.
Conscious Awareness; of the highest form, being love…  Pure unconditional love. 

The recognition that everything is connected and everything is one and the same, a reflection of it’s “self” creating itself infinitely to experience itself infinitely, consistently and constantly expanding from within the source of itself; love.

“Being in love, not in fear, is the primary key to higher consciousness.
It is the Heart that contains the original instructions of life,
and when the Heart is again in control of a persons life,
Life responds with joy and power.”

                                                          Drunvalo Melchizedek

Life is not meant to be a safe and secure plod from birth to death. It is meant to be an adventure that excites you and leads you forward from passion to passion as you create new adventures of love and compassion that become your life.

Can you consider how emotions directly effect our reality.  We are constantly kept in fear which keeps us in a lower vibrational frequency, effectively weakening our connection to embodying a fully consciously connected being, expressing itself as a direct flow of love, of God Consciousness; or Christ Consciousness.

Awareness is the key in this, to learn of something negative gives us the potential to then find the solution to rise above it.  Then, as we uncover/discover this level of clarity, we find the gratitude that brought us from that negative space of density to a higher frequency of love and this recognition and appreciation will attract more of the same.  This applies in discovering the negative thought patterns within ourselves, that are essentially distorting the truth from ourselves and turning those patterns into positive affirmations that bring us the truth of having realised that lesson.

We live within an emotionally based universe, we have a higher language we are speaking, it is the language of feeling and emotion and this is how we are interacting with the world around us, and we don’t know it because we are not aware that we are speaking this language.

But we are, we are speaking this language all the time, we are generating an electro-magnetic field all the time and the field is also speaking back to us, and this is called intuition.

Very often we don’t listen simply because we have forgotten the language and we have never been taught these concepts.

This brings me to the true nature of prayer, and what we are taught prayer is; how we are taught to pray for things and to pray for love and to pray for peace but these are all negative affirmations as by praying for love you are acknowledging there is no love, by praying for peace you are acknowledging there is no peace. 

When we look to the way Native Americans, and people throughout all Shamanistic traditions pray, they all use the energy field.   An American Indian will stand in a stone circle and to pray for rain he will put himself in the emotional state where he is standing in the pouring rain where he can feel it on his skin and he can smell it running down the walls of the hut. 

He can feel his toes squishing in the mud, he can taste it, he can smell it and he is basically giving thanks for the prayer already being answered; the prayer already exists, the answer is already there it’s already been manifest.  Put yourself in that energetic state and then it will rain.

This is where I now find myself,  I considered the concepts of prayer and the true power that it contains when used in this context and I started to visualise the best way I could get these messages across to the people who are ready to receive them, and then I find this role as a Consciousness Shift Coach was manifest; one morning I awoke with a profound vision in a very lucid dream and I created my business cards within minutes of awakening and within a few months, here I am.  I didn’t show anyone for ~2 months, and then once I trusted my intuition enough, I let it be known. 

Can you imagine what I am visualising, what I am feeling, what already is and will manifest upon this knowing.  I know I can!  It has already happened and in feeling into this experience I am able to bring it into reality once I allow life to flow, rather than resist the path that will lead me there.

Dream Big, and dream proud!  Dream in love, from love for love for that is the core of what all is!

You are not the story about yourself, that’s just your identity and an identity can be tweaked.
Re-align with who you are really here to be and learn to unlearn the story of what someone else has created in place of you trusting your intuitive flow.

“Have you ever noticed that when you’re really excited and things start to accelerate, a thought comes up like, "Oh no, I can't do that! Oh my God, what would happen if I were to continue along this line?" Limiting thoughts and fears like this are meant to be brought to the surface. It’s an invitation asking you: "Do you still want to hold on to this idea or are you ready to move on? Do you wish to have faith? Do you wish to have trust? Are you all-in?” If you are all-in you can live the super accelerated life. If you are not all-in—forget about it.”
― Bentinho Massaro, Super Accelerated Living: How to Manifest an Epic Life

This version of you who is currently reading this, has never existed before!!!  In this awareness comes great privilege and self-empowerment knowing that you can inherently be absolutely anything you align yourself to be.  Be you, everyone else is taken!  Do you know who you are?

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