Have you ever just done something without really thinking about it? Or think you need something but know that you really don’t? Or maybe you have a belief about yourself or a behavior that you’d like to change.


These unwanted habits are stored in our unconscious mind. They are learnt behaviors and beliefs. We’ve learnt them through an experience we’ve had in our life, and when that happened, we made a decision to behave a certain way or respond a certain way, or we developed a belief about something or about ourselves.

Now, it’s fine to learn behaviours and have beliefs and values, we need them – we need to learn and we need to have beliefs and values to have a sense of what we think is right for us and to know what we might want in life.

However, if those behaviours are detrimental to our health, or are not getting us what we want, or those beliefs are holding us back, then it would be beneficial to change them, wouldn’t it?

How do we change behaviours, habits and beliefs that are in grained in us, and we’ve had for years and years? We need to work with the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a non-invasive therapy that works with a client’s subconscious mind. I put the client into hypnosis, and then talk to the subconscious mind, focusing on a particular habit and any emotions associated with this.

The process of hypnosis puts the client in a very relaxed state, a state similar to just before dozing off to sleep. Know that the client is aware of what is going on, and may experiences visualisations, feelings, and drift in and out of a trance state throughout the session. It’s also important to know that the client is in control, and will only do what they are comfortable doing during the hypnosis session. Having said this, that’s also why it’s important that the client really wants to be there and make the changes for themselves.

How can it be used?

Quit Smoking

1 x 2-hour session, plus a follow up session if needed.

It removes the triggers that make smokers reach for a cigarette, a habit that many people have learnt over years, and one that can be very hard to unlearn. As cigarettes themselves are not addictive, it is the habit of having a smoke and the feeling that it gives the smoker at the time.

Hypnotherapy is a fantastique, non-invasive and quick way for clients to give up smoking.

Weight loss

1 x 2-hour session, plus a follow up session if needed.

It can remove beliefs about one’s ability to lose weight. It can remove triggers around emotional eating, or other eating habits that one would like to change. It’s very powerful and can be combined with a meal plan or other dietary advice.

To quit smoking permanently, or fast track your weight loss

Tanya Leyson

Health Coach, 

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