The [Self] Empowerment of Belief


   With the month of April comes the Grand Opening of our first YOUnique Physio Clinic. We had a wonderful night full of surprises and […]


Young woman meditating outdoors. Photo taken in Graz, Austria

All over the world people from all races and cultures practice various forms of mindfulness. The art of meditation creates a picture. The picture can be whatever you choose it to be. It is your story, your creation. When you are at rest in creation, the appeal to undo this new-found art will beckon still. Scientific research concludes that the loops of destruction and actual physical pain we carry can be altered and interrupted through this powerful practice. The door that once opened immediately to mindless chatter and unwelcome thoughts and visitors will be mindfully monitored with more deliberate decision and precision. Read more

Awaken your true self

At Younique we are passionate about celebrating you. Your health and unique life purpose matters to us. We love to support you by sharing the knowledge that we have gained collectively through our own health experience, study and personal stories. When you attend our one day retreat, we will take you on a journey.  When you leave, you will feel like you have been cared for much longer than the time that we shared together. Read more