Awaken your true self

At Younique we are passionate about celebrating you. Your health and unique life purpose matters to us. We love to support you by sharing the knowledge that we have gained collectively through our own health experience, study and personal stories. When you attend our one day retreat, we will take you on a journey.  When you leave, you will feel like you have been cared for much longer than the time that we shared together. From the breathtaking scenery, you will be energised as you step into the day with us. Through the powerful concepts and practices learnt in mindfulness and movement, you will begin to align your body from the inside out. The art of reclaiming internal calm will begin to shed layers you no longer need. With stretch and strengthen you will start to recover the balance of power. The world no longer owns you. Your mind and body are now becoming more in tune with each other. Already they are more able to create patterns of self-healing, as was intentioned by their creator long ago. Now with the enticing aromas of delicious organic foods, the glow will continue. Your taste buds and skin will thank you for the attention and nurture they receive and love. Body work through the healing touch of massage will continue to revive and cultivate a longing for a life not just lived, but lived well, with healthy intention and happiness. Welcome to your awakening with Younique.

Lyndal Nonyane
Remedial Therapist, Health Coach, Author

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