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What a pain in the neck!

Have you ever woken up to a sore neck, noticed a sharp pain when checking your blind spot driving, or gotten through a long work day and your neck just feels way too heavy? Well, you are not alone! Neck and shoulder pain is very common, and fortunately, whilst being rather complicated, can be simple to achieve relief.

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Is massage safe for cancer patients?

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     Touch is important for people’s wellbeing, especially in times of illness. The healing touch of massage can benefit cancer patients on a physical, emotional and mental level but some people still believe that cancer is a contraindication to massage – that it shouldn’t be done at all - out of fear of spreading the cancer to other parts of the body. While contraindications do exist, they are specific and individual to each client and their cancer presentation. Some forms of massage are still able to be performed with modifications to technique, including speed and depth of pressure.

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